Investing with Lighthouse

Why Invest with

The Lighthouse Platform will create an environment where accredited investors can apply a "do-it-yourself" approach and invest into one or more highly curated lucrative projects with social impact, including, but not exclusively, real estate.

Our goal is to reduce barriers and develop a community of conscious, active investors, and encourage projects that are visible and have the potential to transform cities.

We believe this approach will have great appeal to family offices and private capital across the country. Significant amounts of capital seek to make systematic change in communities but are often not offered projects with an underlying theory for change at scale.

Many family offices and prominent high-net worth individuals often prefer to trust their own judgment (with a “Do it Yourself” as opposed to a “Do it For Me” approach). The Lighthouse Platform will allow them to lead deal syndicates with their own fund vehicles and attract other investors into their deals.