About Lighthouse

A little about Lighthouse.one...

Lighthouse One, Inc. is creating an investment platform to accelerate the flow of capital into the rejuvenation of American cities. Our focus is away from coastal megacities. To us, this is "America’s next great frontier."

We are targeting sophisticated investors seeking solid returns and positive social impact by offering three distinct types of investment opportunities:

Placemaking helping mid-tier cities attract businesses and talent through the repurposing of existing real estate or the development of new community resources. Examples of Mid-Tier cities include: Atlanta (GA), Detroit (MI), Fresno (CA), Portland (OR), Kansas City (MO).

Transformational technology and infrastructure changing the fundamental economics of a city, e.g. modular housing, 5G wireless, distributed energy, and on-demand transportation.

Operating companies contributing positive cash flow that can thrive in locations with low-cost real estate, underutilized talent and tax advantages such as those provided by Opportunity Zones.

In short, projects that can generate superior investor yields, drive economic growth, and create positive social change by following macro trends away from unaffordable primary markets and benefitting from government incentives to rebuild America.

Our investment platform seeks to connect large pools of capital with high-velocity projects in up-and-coming American cities.

We look to utilize tax advantages to reduce the cost and increase the availability of capital to companies in underserved markets. This will accelerate growth and capital appreciation.

The Lighthouse Platform will reduce barriers and develop a community of conscious, active investors, and encourage projects that are visible and have the potential to transform cities.